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Tour Schedule

Tours are available by reservation only. To reserve your tour online please click on the date you wish to take a walking tour and complete the required information. You may also contact us for details.

*A guide will be present only if you make a reservation.

Tours run RAIN or SHINE so please dress appropriately.
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January 2015

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What others are saying
"To those who are visiting Ottawa or just happen to be in town, this walking tour is NOT TO BE MISSED. You will develop a deep appreciation for this magnificent city's history during and after the tour and appreciate all the landmarks that much more, I kid you not! The tour facilitator is excellent, with a brilliant way of presenting the historical background and trivia, and he did it with a good sense of humor. The entire walking tour was a cohesive journey from one major landmark to another, with a historical narrative that flows smoothly from one site to another, from one era to the next, and the end of the tour takes us full-circle back to one of the major historical incidences that we're told about in the beginning of the trip. If the tour was any longer and detailed, you could probably make a Discovery Channel special out of it. Our only complain is that it's not long enough! We wished it would go on a bit longer than 2.5 hours! At no point was it draggy or boring. It was truly a very, very entertaining and educational journey."

Jae Senn
Kuala Lampur