Discover Ottawa's Vibrant Public Art Scene With Our "Downtown Art" Walk

Join us for a fascinating tour of some of the many works of public art in downtown Ottawa. Learn about the art and the artists who made these masterpieces, the role of public art in modern society, and the materials used to create these beautiful creations. 

Some stops include:

  • Sir Galahad (Henry Albert Harper) by Ernest Wise Keyser
  • The National War Memorial by Vernon March
  • Dancing Bear by Inuit Artist, Pauta Saila
  • Anishnaabe Scout by Hamilton MacCarthy
  • Maman (The Giant Spider) by Louis Bourgeois
  • Hundred Foot Line by Roxy Paine
  • National Aboriginal Veteran's Memorial by Noel Pinay
  • and many, many more

Not to be missed by those interested in art and cultural in the National Capital!

Ottawa Walking Tours can customize tours to meet the needs and interests of any group. Please contact us for details and to start planning your next Ottawa Walking Tour.  We are also wheelchair accessible.